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Cannot be bought – no lobbyists, corporate or PAC donations

I personally commit to never taking corporate or PAC donations during this election and I will not be beholden to lobbyists.

I also believe the President and Congress should lead the charge to bring trust back into our elections:

  • Include public financing of federal elections
  • Maintain reasonable limits on individual campaign contributions
  • End super PACs and corporate campaign contributions
  • Electronic Voting Machines nationwide must produce a paper trail
  • Stricter laws against voter suppression and intimidation tactics
  • Make General Election day a national holiday

These are laws that will benefit all political parties.  I will work to achieve bipartisan support because the integrity of our election is the cornerstone of our democracy. 

 If Congress believes in promoting American values and democracy across the globe, we should lead by example.

Committee for Michael E 2020
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