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Criminal Justice reform

We have all seen stats like,  "The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population but almost 25 percent of the total prison population."  Offering a for-profit prison system to the highest bidder promotes mass incarceration and locking up non-violent offenders. 

We first need to put full control running the prisons back to the federal, state and local governments and out of the hands of corporations.

Secondly, we should incorporate programs to reform both non-violent and violent offenders which have been shown to work in other countries.  The prison walls must still stay up and guarded, but using a prison to merely lock someone away without trying to positively change them is a waste of taxpayer dollars and inhumane.

If I am elected, I will also support legislation to reduce the sentences (or offer treatment) to non-violent offenders.  Drug abuse should be treated as a disease and the abuser should be offered care and support not locked away.

Lastly, providing proper training to our police forces, ending racial profiling and having more robust outreach programs will hopefully be enough to curb the unnecessary deaths of young African-Americans, build stronger communities and plant the seeds of change that will bring peace to our neighborhoods for years to come.

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