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Education reform

Our children deserve better.  As the richest nation in the world we need to invest in our public school systems.  Better pay for teachers, funding for programs such as Art, Music, Sports and the Humanities.  We must empower our youth with a more well-rounded education that doesn't just "prepare children for life", but inspires them to appreciate learning and want to dream higher. 

Congress should provide education reform in the form of more grants, improved public school facilities, textbooks and even nutritious lunches. 

I will support legislation to increase funding to the National School Lunch program (NSLP) to revamp their entire school lunch program to greatly reduce processed sugars and carbs and offer a more balanced, plant-based diet.  According to NSLP, nearly 100,000 schools/institutions serve lunches to 30.4 million students each day and that includes 20.1 million free lunches.  I would argue that more parents will allow their children to eat at school if it is nutritious, thereby reducing the burden on millions of families to fret over weekly grocery shopping for lunches.  In addition, at least 30 million children and young adults with a healthy lunch may potentially lead to a huge impact to their overall comprehension which translates to higher academic test scores and a more competitive future for our next generation.

Education reform really comes down to how are we as a nation helping our children succeed 20, 30, 50 years from now when they are the leaders of our government and are making these decisions?  Without dreams and without education, a nation cannot live up to its ultimate potential and there is no excuse for the United States to not be a global leader in academics.  Being the top medal winning country at the Olympics should make us proud, but when all of our children have a chance to succeed in academics, our country truly succeeds and we can be truly proud. 

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