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End income inequality

This is not a class war over the haves and have nots.  It should not be. There are passionate, progressive, professional athletes and entertainers who make more than most CEOs.  This is a bi-partisan issue with no magic bullet to solve it (and quite literally save our way of life), but I think there are several, reasonable and actionable steps to turn the tide:

1. Strengthen Labor Unions

  • Union membership has seen a statistically significant downward trend since it peaked in the mid 1950s.
  • Unions strengthen the middle class by protecting workers' rights and income
  • My father was in the AFL-CIO, my Grandfather was in the UAW, my uncle is a union organizer in the Midwest so I have experienced first-hand the positive impact Unions have on a family.
  • Ensure workers can collective bargain.  Income equality has a way to grow when you take that ability away from them.

2. Protect entitlements

  • If I am elected, I will protect all of our entitlement programs (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps, VA programs) and everything the GOP-led Congress wants to gut to pay for their tax cut

3. Improve education for the lower and middle class

  • Providing education reform in the form of more grants, increasing the budget for all public schools, new textbooks and even nutritious lunches will motivate and help the majority of our children succeed
  • When our children succeed, our country succeeds

4. Give workers a seat at the Board table

  • This is an idea which has been successfully implemented by other industrialized nations in Europe and around the world
  • Congress can ensure that all corporations (with a certain number of labor workers) provide one Board seat to a representative of their workforce
  • This would keep the best interests of the Company aligned with the best interests of its workers

There are more opportunities and if I am elected I will consider all viable options that are compassionate and can have a lasting impact.  I do believe income inequality is one of the greatest threats to America.  The President and Congress must work together to bring it into balance or threaten our entire economic and social order by allowing us to slip into the "gilded age 2.0."

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