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Fight to solve Climate change - Invest in our children's future

Are we seriously going to risk our children's lives and futures debating whether climate change is real?  If we have the capability to act...then act!

When 97 out of 100 scientists are on one side of an issue, it is no longer a debate and action must be taken.

We collectively must counter the threat to our lives, property, food supply, enjoying our beaches, parks - basically our way of life. Erratic weather events worldwide are compounding at a pace never witnessed before by humans.  The Federal government can and must act swiftly: 

  • Increase regulations on carbon pollution
  • Carbon tax on corporations
  • Invest in innovation to make clean fuel cheaper and more abundant
  • Repeal fossil fuel subsidies
  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Propose a "New Climate Deal" to invest in re-training fossil fuel employees and scientists to work on clean energy solutions - invest in our people and our economy

I believe solving our climate crisis needs someone free from lobbyists and wiling to work with anyone in Congress who is not blind to the facts and willing to pass sweeping legislation to safeguard our Earth and secure a healthy future for our children.


Committee for Michael E 2020
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