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Support DREAMers, TPS and asylum seekers

The New Colossus on the Statue of Liberty was added in 1883 because it captured the spirit of our nation.  The U.S. is a magnificent collage of cultures and ethnicities and DREAMers and immigrants must be supported and defended from any wrongdoing to give them similar opportunities to positively shape this country's future. My grandparents immigrated here fleeing the expanding Nationalist oppression in the 1930s and now I have an opportunity to run for office because Ellis Island welcomed them in.

Many DREAMers defend our country as part of our military and are business owners creating jobs or are in school diligently studying and looking for a way to go to college just like the rest of us. They are our friends, neighbors, classmates and veterans and don't need the fear of deportation for something as inane as getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation.  English is the first language for many DREAMers and they may not even speak Spanish fluently...they only know growing up in our country with our values.  Let us find a solution and craft legislation giving law-abiding DREAMers who contribute to our society and economy a smoother path to citizenship. 

For those seeking political asylum, we must honor their rights and abide by the international human rights laws. We will accept them and care for them with dignity and as expected.  We are the United States, we must lead by example and be the lodestar of human rights.

We will continue to be the beacon of hope for the world on multiple facets when we have a million unique smiling faces who are willing to participate in making our society better for all and they find peace and love from those of us who have been blessed to be born and raised in our great country.

Committee for Michael E 2020
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